Friday, August 20, 2010

Catholic Culture references dissident service to cover Australian national election?

Quote noted by Marc Aupiais

Catholic Culture reports:

"On the eve of elections in Australia, the National Catholic Education Commission has released a warning that the proposed policies of the Opposition coalition would harm poor children.

The Opposition, which is striving to unseat the incumbent Labor government, has proposed $1.5 billion in education cuts. Therese Temby of the National Catholic Education Commission said that the funding is needed “to serve disadvantaged communities and to address the learning needs of students and families.”"
Catholic World News (Catholic Special Interests Coverage; Independent; American; Conservative)
20 / 08 | August / 2010

CathNews is their source, known for their interesting coverage of the church and of conservatives. CathNews, has often aired views of those promoting anti-Vatican, anti-Catholic-beliefs and policies special interest articles. Their focus has often been on dissident Catholic special interest stories.

The business friendly Coalition, being lead by the conservative Liberals, also plans to cut funding for adaptation to climate in other countries, along with other general cuts, which are being instituted globally. The Labour government, which recently replaced its Prime Minister, due to his deep unpopularity among the people, has increasingly been offering spending increases in many areas, offering to use government power for various often noble special interests, in exchange for votes.

The Coalition leader, former seminarian, Abott, has stated, he shall not attempt to overturn legalized abortion in Australia, and that he is a Christian in politics, not a Christian politician. Both he, and Gillard have ruled out federal recognition of homosexual marital special interests. While individual regions, give all the de jure privileges of marriage to homosexual couples, Australia, like nearby South Africa, calls these coups for homosexual marital special interests promoters: Civil Unions, not "marriages".

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