Saturday, August 21, 2010

Catholic head of bishops, says bishops must speak faith, not a politically altered version either

Quote noted by Marc Aupiais

"Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who has encountered fierce political opposition during his tenure as Archbishop of Quebec City, spoke about the duties of bishops before leaving for Rome to take up his new duties. His remarks were a counterpoint to the criticism aired by Bishop Martin Veillette, who had suggested that the cardinal was rash in his public pronouncements and said that sometimes it is “more important to keep silent than to speak.”

Cardinal Ouellet offered a very different perspective, saying that a bishops should speak with conviction and not be deterred by the likelihood of opposition. He argued that if a Catholic leader refrains from public comment “because you don’t believe that it is possible that people accept it, you are in trouble.”"
Catholic World News / Catholic Culture (Catholic Special Interests Coverage; Independent; Possibly Favours Republican Party; American)
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