Monday, August 30, 2010

India gives dying Blackberry another deadline

Quote noted by Marc Aupiais

""The Home Ministry will review the security issue relating to Blackberry services within 60 days by which time the DoT (Department of Telecommunications) will submit its report," a government statement said.

India threatened earlier this month it would ban messages sent on the smartphones unless the company came up with a way for security agencies to decode the heavily encrypted traffic by August 31."
France 24 and AFP, section quoted is AFP (Based in France; State news service; secular/general interests coverage; French Bias)
30 / 08 | August / 2010

The Indian government, like other controversial governments where the state is able to intercept citizen communications, has warned RIM, that unless they can access users' emails, that the special features of the phone will be permanently shut down.

South Africa, where all emails and mobile phone text/instant messages, and recordings of every phone call must be kept by service providers for access by the state has not banned blackberry. It is uncertain whether the South African state can access e-communication over blackberry, given that a separate unique server is used to set up the service at least for Vodacom- affiliated with Vodaphone and the government of the Republic South Africa.

India, has special interests against alleged terror threats as one of the main reasons why the state has such access to citizen communication.

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