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Thomas Peters: Catholic special interests online activist, and blogger

Quote compilation by Marc Aupiais

"Thomas Peters
is a young Catholic with graduate degrees in theology, who works in Washington DC.

He has been seen or heard on: FOX News, CNN, BBC World News, MSNBC, The Catholic Channel, Relevant Radio, EWTN and interviewed or quoted by: Our Sunday Visitor, The Boston Globe, The National Catholic Reporter, Catholic News Agency, The Denver Catholic Register, News Busters, Inside Catholic, Busted Halo, LifeSiteNews, Holy Smoke, Huffington Post, Catholic Online, Catholic Culture, Opposing Views, LifeNews, Catholic Exchange, DC Catholic Living Examiner, National Catholic Register, Catholic News Service, etc.

Since 2005 he has been blogging about important issues facing Catholic Americans."
Thomas Peters' American Papist blog, on the Catholic Vote Action site (Catholic; Independent; Conservative; Pro-life; American)
quoted on 11 / 08 | August / 2010

Thomas Peters, has shown support both for claimed pro-life Democrats, as well as for Republicans, he has consistently opposed homosexual de jure "marriage", as well as many homosexual special interests and those promoting these, abortion, and promotion of abortion, and often has opposed, and continues to oppose abortionist special interests, as well as standing by Canon law, and church decisions on many issues. The title of his blog is apt, given his loyalty to the Vatican, which does not necessarily always extend to the US bishops. Mr Peters, is not a blind loyalist, but our service has yet to seriously show him up on doctrinal issues. He does have a seeming American patriotic, and Republican bias.

The National Catholic Register writes of him:

"Thomas Peters is the American Papist. Or maybe he’s an American Papist. Either way, he is not your average Catholic. He’s been blogging about important issues facing Catholic Americans since way back in 2005. And, even though he’s still a young man, that makes him a seasoned pro in the blogging world.

His popular blog, American Papist, is one of my daily staples. If there is something important going on that applies to Catholic Americans, he’s usually talking about it. And he’s developed quite the following over the years and has put together an impressive resume doing so:

Thomas Peters is a young Catholic with graduate degrees in theology, who works in Washington DC.


And recently the American Papist Blog (simply known as “AmP” to its devoted fans) teamed up with another Catholic-new-media favorite of mine: I think it’s been an excellent partnership. Mr. Peters is also the Communications Director for the American Principles Project - a superb organization founded by Dr. Robert George. I don’t know how he does it all!

I’m very thankful for all that Thomas Peters has taught and shown me and many others over the years. He’s truly been an effective leader when it comes to Catholics in New Media. In fact, he’s going to be one of the presenters at the SQPN Catholic New Media Celebration this year in Boston."
Matthew Warner for the online version of the National Catholic Register (Catholic; Independent; American)
12 / 03 | March / 2010

Thomas Peters is "communications director" of the American Principles Project, which describes him as:

"Thomas Peters - Mr. Peters is the founder of the American Papist blog, one of the highest-profile religious blogs in the world, with over four million visits. He has been quoted by dozens of Catholic, Christian and mainstream media outlets, and focuses on the intersection of religion and politics in the United States."
American Principles Project (Catholic; Independent; Conservative; American)
quoted on 11 / 08 | August / 2010

The American Principles project is an organization:

"The American Principles Project is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving and propagating the fundamental principles on which our country was founded - universal principles, embracing the notion that we are all, "created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Through our efforts, we hope to return our nation to an understanding that governance via these timeless principles will only strengthen us as a country."
American Principles Project: Speaking on itself (Catholic; Independent; American; Conservative)
quoted on 11 / 08 | August / 2010

This American Project has a clear manifesto politically:

"Foundations of the American Principles Project

The United States of America does not need new principles. It needs renewed fidelity to the principles set forth in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. These are timeless principles: truths that we hold, in Jefferson's immortal words, to be, "self-evident." They are, moreover, universal principles, not the historically contingent beliefs or customs of a particular sect or clan or tribe. They are rooted in the nature of man as a being who, by virtue of his God-given dignity and rationality, owns the right to participate in the great project of self-government as a free and equal citizen. Whatever others may say, we at the American Principles Project and all who join with us reaffirm the truth that each and every member of the human family is, "created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

If these timeless principles are to be restored and our national commitment to them renewed, then a new voice is needed in American politics, a voice that is unafraid to stand up for what is right and speak out against what is wrong. Indeed, that "voice" must be nothing less than millions of American voices raised in unison in defense of political liberty and economic freedom, the sanctity of human life and the integrity of marriage and the family, and the sovereignty and security of our nation.

That "voice" must be an informed voice. We must speak from an ever deeper understanding and appreciation of the blessings of freedom and the moral and political responsibilities that freedom entails. The American Principles Project has been created to help every citizen who truly wishes to be part of what our founding fathers called this great, "experiment in ordered liberty," to be an informed citizen, and thus someone empowered to make a difference.

Are we conservatives? You bet we are, if by a "conservative" one means a believer in the rule of law, democracy, limited government and respect for civil liberties, private property and the free market, equality of opportunity, the sanctity of human life, the protection of marriage and the family, and the defense of our nation's sovereignty and security. For us, these convictions are not platitudes. We are convinced that the renewal of our nation and the flourishing of our people vitally depend on making these historic ideals and commitments once again operative in the laws and policies by which we govern ourselves.

Our ancestors came from Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America . . . and from all over the globe. We practice many different religions. But we are united as Americans in our commitment to the wisdom and goodness of the principles upon which the United States of America was founded and in our willingness to act on these principles and defend them in the public square. We believe that the way forward, economically, politically, and morally, is to rededicate ourselves to those timeless self-evident truths."
American Principles Project: Speaking on itself (Catholic; Independent; American; Conservative)
quoted on 11 / 08 | August / 2010

"What is at Stake?

Written by Administrator

Wednesday, 03 June 2009 15:35

There are six major pillars of society: the individual, the family, communities of religious faith and other institutions of civil society, the business firm, the educational system, and the institutions of law and government. When these pillars are healthy and functioning well together, each respecting the proper sphere of the others, the flourishing of human beings is promoted. Of course, no society is perfect, and mistakes and excesses are part of the human condition. Where they occur, a healthy society contains mechanisms for their correction. Where such mechanisms are themselves destroyed, as in the totalitarian systems of communism and Nazism, the social order descends into tyranny and horror.

We in the United States have been spared such a nightmare, albeit at a great cost in the blood of our soldiers and our national treasure. Now, however, we face challenges that are quite unprecedented, stemming from dangerous and destructive ideologies that have gained prominence in our nation’s elite intellectual circles and in sectors of society highly influenced by elite ideas. Moral beliefs that are fundamental to human dignity and flourishing have come under severe attack. The very definition of what constitutes a human being has been called into question. Abortion, euthanasia, and other forms of death-dealing conduct have been promoted as constitutional and human rights. Now we see the promotion of fetal experimentation, human cloning, and animal-human hybridization. Similarly, the definition of marriage—the most fundamental unit of society—is under intense assault, and with it the historic understanding of sexual morality and virtue that has been the foundation of our civilization.

All of this has been accompanied by the growth of central state power which usurps individual responsibility and the rights and responsibilities of individuals, families, religious institutions, and other forms of private association. Lack of a moral compass and restraint in business practices has provided an excuse for the state now to intrude deeply into the economy and to claim the authority to exercise unprecedented control over the affairs of private business firms. The net result is the weakening of all authority structures apart from the state itself. Indeed, such structures—familial, religious, social, and economic—are being placed in a situation of dependency and subservience to the central state and its bureaucracies.

There is overwhelming evidence that the lack of respect for the dignity of every human being, the redesign of the family, the undermining of religious freedom and the rights of conscience, the centralization of authority over education, and the massive intrusion of the State into the sphere of businesses, are steps exactly in the wrong direction. Far from promoting human dignity and flourishing, these steps pose a profound and unprecedented threat to these values. We must do all we can to reverse this alarming trend.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 March 2010 17:32"
American Principles Project (Catholic; Independent; Conservative; American)
quoted on 11 / 08 | August / 2010

Mr Peters claims he is the son of Edward N. Peters, JD, JCD: Edward N. Peters, JD, JCD's appointment May 22rd, 2010, as a Referendare of the Apostolic Signatura 11 / 08 | August / 2010 covers the man in this same service.

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