Thursday, August 12, 2010

US voters oppose open gays in US armed forces- latest poll

Contrary to polls, by homosexual special interests supporting organisations, a conservative group, opposing homosexual special interests in this case has conducted a poll- this time focused on persons who plan to vote in the upcoming elections (presumably those to replace representatives later in this year)- the results were the opposite of prior polls which did not focus on professed planned voters. Respondents, the conservative pollsters claimed- opposed lifting the American ban on homosexuals in the military:

"Likely voters almost unanimously agreed that overturning the 1993 law should not be a priority for Congress. More than half viewed President Barack Obama as putting politics ahead of principle in promoting repeal of the law.

The Military Culture Coalition, a network of major organizations supporting the current law regarding homosexuals in the military, released results of the survey on August 10. Unlike an earlier poll that had shown stronger support for a proposal to abolish the current policy—often described as the "don't ask, don't tell" policy—the new poll took answers only from 1,000 respondents who identified themselves as likely to vote in upcoming elections. "

Catholic Culture (Catholic; Independent; American; opposes homosexual special interests in this matter; conservative; pro-traditional family values)

Note from our service:

Contrary to media reports- "Don't ask don't tell" does not ban open homosexuals, but rather all homosexuals from military service in the United States. However, the system "don't ask don't tell" removed mandatory questions on soldiers' sexual attractions from questionnaires they were compelled to fill out. Whether the system is actually enforced by the Obama administration has come into question, after it emerged that the alleged wikileaks leak- who revealed thousands of US military secrets about war efforts in active war zones- had for a long time served as an open homosexual, and homosexual special interests activist in the US military.

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