Monday, September 13, 2010

Pope breaks precedent, to give John Henry Newman special honour

Quote noted by Marc Aupiais

The pope, is thought to really be making this visit to combat secularism, AP, also seems to hold this view:

"Benedict will move Newman a step closer to possible sainthood when he presides over his beatification Sept. 19, the main reason for his four-day trip. It's the first time Benedict will celebrate a beatification; under his own rules popes don't beatify, only canonize.

For the German-born, by-the-book professor, such an exception to his own rule is significant. It's a calculated gesture that underscores Benedict's view that Newman is a crucial model for all Christians at a time when Christianity is on the wane in an increasingly secularized Europe."
Associated Press (Secular/General Interests coverage; Independent of the United States' Government; Based in the United States of America; Liberal Bias alleged)
13 / 09 | September / 2010: "Pope breaks own rule to hold up Anglican convert Newman as model for Catholics today"

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