Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pope's schedule on arrival in Great Britain- Sky News

Quote Noted by Marc Aupiais

"Security concerns mean bullet proof glass is fitted almost as standard for vehicles that will be used by the Pope on pubic roads.

Beyond the official events the British public will be able to see the Pope in several locations as he uses the vehicle to get about.

On Thursday lunchtime he will travel from Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh through the centre of the Scottish capital on the first day of his visit.

After travelling to London for events on Friday he will be driven in the Popemobile from 5pm from Lambeth Palace through to Westminster.

On Saturday evening, prior to a prayer vigil at Hyde Park, the vehicle will again be making its way through central London.

Pope Benedict moves to the West Midlands on Sunday where people will be able to line Hagley Road in Birmingham as he makes his way to an open air mass at Cofton Park."
Tom Parmenter, Sky News correspondent, writing for Sky News (Secular;General Interests Coverage; Based in Great Britain; Independent of the British State)
14 / 09 | September / 2010: "
Unveiled: The 6mph Mercedes Popemobile"

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