Monday, September 20, 2010

Update on Catholic Disney Actress Selena Gomez

Update by Marc Aupiais

Beyond her support of pro-abortionist, pro-sterilisation in the third world unicef (which portrays unwanted pregnancy as a malady and human rights abuse [to reference a speech by a former head- as quoted in a previous article]), Selena Gomez who was brought up in the Catholic faith, has unfortunately been promoting promiscuity and immorality- by consistent endorsement of risque' songs, such as Katy Perry's whole album, endorsement of Katy Perry and Lady Gagga, and of Jersey Shore, a reality show where women are treated as objects and one individual has sex with many women for MTV.

Her new album, which lacks the depth and cute feminism of her last one, she says better expresses her style. It mostly focuses on dance, and includes Rock God, by Katy Perry who she describes as a genius. The song nonchalantly describes a girl telling a "preacher" she can't confess, as she's given her soul to her Rock God.

Selena, (18) while Catholic as she was baptised Catholic, has not openly confessed such faith in two years, according to our records, when she last confessed her faith in an interview was also at the time she promoted chastity with a blessed chastity ring.

One only wonders how long it will take for what South Africans see as the American and Hollywood curse to Rub off entirely on the once cute and Faithful Miss Gomez.

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