Sunday, September 12, 2010

US Military seeks to use animal lighting techniques

Quote noted by Marc Aupiais

"NEW LONDON, Conn. – Someday, the secrets of fireflies or glowing sea plankton could save an American soldier in battle, a Navy SEAL on a dive or a military pilot landing after a mission.

That's the hope behind a growing field of military-sponsored research into bioluminescence, a phenomenon that's under the microscope in laboratories around the country.

For university scientists who specialize in bioluminescence, an organism's ability to illuminate with its own body chemistry, military research grants are offering a chance to break ground."
STEPHANIE REITZ writing for the Associated Press (American based; Independent of the State; Secular/General interests news; seems to have bias favouring the US Democratic Party)
11 / 09 / September / 2010: "Military eyes glowing secrets of fireflies, others"

The light applicable does not emit heat, meaning that it allows troops to avoid some battlefield problems. Ships, disturb undersea creatures, which also emit light, detectable from far above with the right sensor. It may be used by the US to signal allies, while avoiding enemies. The scientists don't know or it seems care what the US military will do with their research, which they fund. It does seem they will be allowed to publish their findings. The US Navy in particular complains that their ships are discoverable when going though areas where marine creatures light up, when their ships go through. It is possible the US military will use research to turn this against enemies, by filling areas of oceans with light emitting systems, or creatures, or for that matter drop these on battlefields.

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