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UN and mainstream Aid money spent on political agendas, not aid- media reports!

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Two quotes: one from C-Fam, the other is of the bibliography on site of the person writing for them.

C-Fam, an organization specializing in United Nations politics reports:

"Rock star Bono, front man of the Irish group U2, was caught violating his own call for greater transparency and accountability in an op-ed piece for the New York Times. His opinions inspired the New York Post to examine the finances of Bono's own ONE Foundation, including an emerging scandal widely reported by the media.

It seems ONE had $15 million in public donations during 2008, but distributed less than $200,000 to private charities combating poverty, according to IRS records. The charity spent more than $8 million on salaries. The remainder went to advocacy, including pricey gift boxes hand-delivered to newsrooms to influence coverage of the UN summit.

The critique of UN policies, meanwhile, came from a surprising source: Margaret Chan, head of the World Health Organization. Scuttling her prepared remarks at an event sponsored by all of the major UN agencies, Chan warned that the international donor community hasn’t learned from past lessons in dealing with developing countries.

“We have to stop being arrogant and dictating what to do,” she said.

Donor countries too often impose their own agenda, leading to a lack of ownership on the part of recipient countries. “If a country doesn’t own the plan, they have no motivation to deliver,” Chan said.

She also acknowledged that donor countries don't have a firm understanding of what they invest in, with no good measures of progress or failure.

Chan said that the UN agencies are not funding agencies, responding to repeated calls for “fresh money” from ministers of developing countries. Such requests should go to the World Bank, she said.

The issue of new money for development was a dominant theme of the UN Summit. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced that agencies needed $169 billion to save the lives of more than 15 million women and children by improving access to health care. A highly publicized event announced $40 billion in pledges from public and private sectors for the initiative, though critics said the total recycled at least half of the money from old commitments.

Despite the rhetoric of significant new investments in improving overall health care in developing countries, the commitments make clear an overwhelming emphasis on spending for political advocacy and family planning programs. This reflects the section of the UN summit outcome document on maternal health, in which all but one of the 6 paragraphs focus on increasing access to family planning and sexual and reproductive health."
Terrence McKeegan, J.D. writing for C-Fam (Catholic, Family and Human Special Interests and UN Special Interests coverage; Independent of the American State; American Based)
30 / 09 | September / 2010: "Rock Star Scandal Upends UN Development Meeting"

C-Fam In-house Bibliography of Terrence McKeegan, J.D.

"Terrence McKeegan, J.D.
Vice President / Senior Counsel
Terrence McKeegan is the Vice President and Senior Counsel for the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), 
He also serves as the Director of the Center for Legal Studies which includes the Edmund Burke Fellowship and the International Organizations Law Group. As head of C-FAM’s New York office, he is the managing editor of the weekly Friday Fax publication and responsible for advancing C-FAM’s mission to defend life and family at the United Nations and other international institutions.

McKeegan worked for several years as an attorney in Washington D.C. on dozens of major litigation cases and government investigations for several large firms. He is co-founder and vice president for the International Solidarity & Human Rights Institute (ISHRI). He was formerly Counsel for the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ) based in Strasbourg, France, for whom he covered international legal issues and was their main UN representative.

McKeegan began his legal career as an assistant prosecuting attorney, in which he successfully prosecuted over a dozen felony weapons and drug cases, including a 93 count RICO case, and represented the county children services board. He was also an adjunct professor in the legal studies department at Franciscan University of Steubenville teaching courses on human rights, and has lectured and presented his work in the US, East Timor, the Philippines, Austria, Belize and Ireland, and has provided legal advice for the Holy See and several other nations. He has lobbied and advised on legal and social issues at the European Parliament, the United Nations, and on Capitol Hill.

A firm believer in solidarity amongst both peoples and organizations, McKeegan provides pro bono assistance and counsel to a number of organizations and individuals. McKeegan has received two grants from the Alliance Defense Fund to support his work in advising on international legal issues. He has written extensively on international human rights, including life, family and religious freedom issues, and authored numerous legal briefs that were submitted to the United Nations, and has addressed the UN Human Rights Council. He is the co-author, along with Brian Scarnecchia, of the white paper “The Millennium Development Goals: In Light of Catholic Social Teaching”, which was published by C-FAM’s International Organizations Research Group in 2009.

During law school, McKeegan worked as a research assistant for Dana Rosemary Scallon, former MEP for Ireland, studied international human rights and comparative health law in Rome. He has also studied and worked in Austria and Ireland.

McKeegan earned his J.D. at Ave Maria School of Law and his B.A. at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is admitted to the District of Columbia Bar.

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The Millennium Development Goals: In Light of Catholic Social Teaching"
C-Fam (Catholic, Family and Human Special Interests and UN Special Interests coverage; Independent of the American State; American Based)
"Terrence McKeegan, J.D.
Vice President / Senior Counsel"

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